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Italian food is widely considered one of the best food cultures in the world and for good reason. Italian dishes are based on the core tenants of freshness and simplicity. So whether you are enjoying lasagna, baked ziti, handmade sausage, or another Italian dish, you can ensure that you will be eating only the highest-quality ingredients.

This commitment to outstanding flavor is what A&A Italian Deli was founded on. That way when you get Italian food catering with us, you can rest assured knowing that you will satisfy even the pickiest eaters at your event. We offer a wide selection of catering options ranging from sandwiches to meat and cheese trays to handcrafted pastries.

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Homemade Italian Sausage

If you have ever had homemade Italian sausage, you know there is no going back. The difference in flavor and complexion is incomparable when positioned against the generically made sausages. At A&A Italian Deli, we pride ourselves on making all of our sausages by hand so that you can get the best sausages possible.

Our Italian sausage is made with the high-quality pork available. When the sausage is being ground and formed, we make sure to season it liberally with fennel and black pepper for added favor. When you bite into one of the sausages, you will not only notice the attention to detail when it comes to excellence pork flavor and seasoning, but also a perfectly crisp snap and unparalleled juiciness.

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Italian Deli

When it comes to trademarks of Americana, the Italian deli is as quintessential as apple pie. A&A Italian Deli seeks to provide every customer that walks through our doors with this classic experience. So when you dig into our deli sandwiches or delightfully flaky pastries, you will know that you are getting an authentic culinary experience.

We offer a wide selection of Italian food to satisfy whatever craving you may have. People come in droves for our homemade mozzarella as well as hand-sliced cold cuts, though we think many of menu items can go toe to toe with them. Our handmade Italian sausages and homemade sides are particularly good.

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